Why a Finishing School?

Finishing Schools, also known as Etiquette & Grooming Schools first came to exist in the upper echelons of European culture where men and women were taught to communicate and carry themselves with confidence as they moved in high society.

Today, the ability to communicate effectively, and exude confidence in our dealings is considered an invaluable asset both socially and professionally. While academics equip an individual for a future career, they focus little on honing and refinement of personality aspects essential for effective functioning and positive impact. Simultaneously, there also lies the need to be familiar with the rules of etiquette and protocol critical to success in social and corporate settings. Here, Finishing Schools help bridge the gap through their programs and curriculum designed to improve on areas of confidence, communication and grace and bring out the best in a person.

PANACHE – A Finishing School was born to fulfil a long cherished dream to make available life-enriching and transformation programs for both personal and professional spheres of life.


It’s said that "first impression is the last impression" and at Panache, we instill and enhance Courtesy, Confidence and Character for that impactful first impression. After all, a polite and confident person is admired by all.

PANACHE aims at providing top-notch finishing school education that is beyond regular academia, and caters to both young and old, from all walks and seasons of life.

At PANACHE, our main focus is to help individuals adapt to the competition, fast pace and globalisation in today’s world, with ease and finesse gained through our high-quality grooming programs.

In a short span of three years, about 3500 students from various professions and age groups have graduated from the portals of PANACHE, benefiting through various workshops, modules & courses at our three locations in Hyderabad, Nagpur and Raipur. Additionally, several corporate organisations and educational institutions including large MNCs, top business schools and engineering colleges have benefited through our on-site training programs for employees and students alike. PANACHE aims at a pan-India presence, having established facilities at multiple locations, and looks ahead to spreading its wings country-wide.

Our programs have been developed to cover a broad range of personal traits and human behaviour; and are geared to build confidence, enhance image and channel creativity that result in positive change professionally, socially and culturally.

The learning experience at PANACHE is unique and versatile owing to its vibrant and interactive training methodologies adopted by a powerful team of training consultants, experts and professionals who help every participant gain that extra edge and savour the best finishing school experience. The methodology is straight and comprehendible – ADA (Activity, Discussion & Application), Inter-Active, Experiential Learning.

The PANACHE team welcomes you. Here is your chance to view the world with fresh eyes, a positive attitude, grace and newfound confidence to lead you on your pathway way to success.

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