Centres and their distinguished faculty


We are extremely proud of our very distinguished board of Advisors, Facilitators and Specialists from various fields, supported by our experienced and certified in house Trainers. They have several years of experience in Mentoring, Counselling and Human Resource Development. The strength and motto of the faculty on our unique methodology ADA (Activity, Discussion & Application), Interactive, Experiential Learning.

Dr. Savita Menon

Clinical and Health Psychologist uses her extensive experience to shed light on Teen Blues, Parenting and Relationships

Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurti

Andrologist and Micro Surgeon and The director of Andromeda will enlighten & counsel young adults on the sensitive topic of "Gender Sensitizitation".

Asmita Marwa

The Fashion Designer uses her signature flair and style to create a new look for each participant.

Shankar Krishnamurthy

The Chef and Hotelier shares his expertise in the finer points of Fine Dining and global cuisine - a veritable banquet of class and elegance!

Karen Anne Campos Bhatia

The Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist and Lifestyle Consultant. Karen brings life enhancing knowledge and expertise to each participant, advising and counselling each one on living a fuller life.

Rekha Reddy

The Associate First Master Ohara says Ikebana is not just the art of arranging flowers, it is a discovery of how you can make beauty and serenity flow through your own home or work space.

Vimla Kishan

The Hair Stylist instructs participants on Hair Management, Styling and quick fixes, stressing that hair care is a crucial part of one’s image. She encourages the young generation to use an option of home remedies.

Tamanna Rooz

The Makeup Expert, Master of the art of make-up with whose skill has won accolades whether in the area of Bridal make-up, makeovers of film stars, socialites, or young girls who want to enhance their looks.

Laila Kajani

The Skin Expert runs the styling salon "Begums" for numerous years. With her unmatched expertise, she imparts valuable secrets to lustrous hair and flawless skin.

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