About Us

Panache – The finishing school is a training organization catering to the training requirements of several target audiences. At Panache, we believe in empowering the path of success of every individual through exclusive training programs and modules, especially meeting the needs of Professionals, Job Seekers, Entrepreneurs, Brides to be, House-Wives and any other Individual who has the zeal to learn and progress in life. We focus on enhancing professionalism and performance at all levels in every field.

The required module content as per the organizations needs would be keenly researched and formulated according to the individuals profile, ability and requirements, be it in hospitality industry, healthcare, traders, etc.

Our training modules cover all aspects of corporate etiquette and behavior, interpersonal skills and communication, cross-cultural orientation for various countries and added soft skills for optimized performance for teams and individuals at all professional and personal levels. Besides these programs, we also customize programs according to the requirement of the client / organization. We successfully run basic & advanced workshops in Image Enhancement, Personality Development, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Customer Relation Management (CRM), Team Building, Leadership Skills, Transactional Analysis, Business & Social Etiquette, Public Speaking, Attire & Personal Grooming, Dining Etiquette, etc. We have also been running successful programs in the field of Spoken Social & Business English & Accent Neutralization across various MNC’s.

Our programs are handled by senior trainers with several years of experience and broad exposure in program design and delivery.

Our methodology is straight and comprehendible – ADA (Activity, Discussion & Application), Inter-Active, Experiential Learning.

It’s said that "first impression is the last impression" and at Panache, we instill and enhance Courtesy, Confidence and Character for that impactful first impression. After all, a polite and confident person is admired by all.

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